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Mineração Morro do Ipê manages the Ipê and Tico-Tico mines and the processing units located in the mining region of Serra Azul, Minas Gerais.


Morro do Ipê is owned by two large international companies. One of them is Mubadala, a global investment company, which currently invests in 13 sectors in more than 30 countries. The other one is Trafigura, a leading multinational in oil, metals and minerals trading. Both companies are internationally recognized for conducting their business ethically and responsibly. The company also has a minority group of investors.


Since 2016, when it took over the project, Morro do Ipê has invested in a simpler project in accordance to the current global economic iron ore period. The company has commitments built on a solid basis and a very serious execution from the operational, fiscal, social and environmental responsibility perspective.